JT Foxx reviews

Besides Shilamida and Julie, Shadeska also shared on her blog that JT FJT Foxx review from Shadeskaoxx & his fantastic organization made her a better and confident person. Owing to his ideas and knowledge, she is now able to serve her clients better and make her client’s life better.

Other reviews

JT’s students and event visitors also shared their JT Foxx reviews on other third party sites. Here are some of those below.

“This JT Foxx event provided me practical advise that will help me take my business to the next level. But you can also meet through JT Foxx millionaires and billionaires, he is your shortcut to success!” – Abdullah

“Anyone who goes to one of JT Foxx’s talks, they’ll know the type of value he provides. If you haven’t heard JT yet, be sure to go to one of his events.”

“Before meeting JT Foxx, I had two online coaches and was struggling to grow my business. I wasn’t increasing my brand awareness, sales were inconsistent and I stayed within my comfort zone. When I met JT Foxx, he resonated with me. I think there are certain people that have a natural gift and that JT is that person. He provided invaluable advice on my branding in simple, straightforward terms. He told me how to price my work and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. His advice resulted in a significant increase in sales!
JT’s coaching is upbeat and personal, he thinks outside the box. If you are looking for a coach that tells you what you want to hear, then don’t go to JT. But if you are ready for a coach to tell you the hard honest truth so you can take your business to the next level then JT Foxx is your guy.”

“The best business lesson I learned from JT is who you surround yourself with is who you will become! JT is very professional, and he surrounds himself with an amazing group of people. The coaches on his team are the best in the WORLD!” – Gabor

“JT is a good business coach. He’s direct, transparent and his energy is contagious. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

“I found JT Foxx and the JT Foxx organization to be very supportive and professional. They provided me the tools to take my life and business to the next level. Without JT’s organization, I’m not sure if I would have been able to meet and connect with so many high level business people who ended up having a massive impact on my growth. I started working with JT more than a year ago and even though 2020 was an year of disruption due to COVID, we were still able to grow 31% in our revenue…
Thank you and I wish you all all the success in your life and business.”

“JT Foxx is very authentic, thoughtful, and talks straight from his experience. He keeps coming back to teach so that success keep increasing. Not many coaches do this!” – Oei

“To be honest, I got to know JT when I was in a clubhouse in one of his rooms and I have to say, he’s pretty decent. He gave me some solid value regarding the questions I had and not some motivational BS. So Kudos to the guy.”

“Jt Foxx is an great business coach. He tells you what you need to hear and how to apply it. I highly recommend him!”

“There are only two people who had such an impact on my adult life: my wife, and JT Foxx. I am a different person since I met JT. My perspective on the world, how I view myself and my faith in what I can achieve, and how much I have grown overall really changed exponentially for the better.” – Jonathan

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